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SimplyScienceDirectory is not specifically a science directory - its aim is to assist businesses serving Australia‚Äôs future growth. 

Most companies are interested in providing others with a clear summary of their particular products, services and management.

SimplyScienceDirectory is a specialised database linking just 40 main categories, with their strong technological innovation,  key personnel, products and services.

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At Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

You will see a number of species that are sadly now extinct everywhere but Tasmania.  They include the Tasmanian devil, the Eastern quoll and the shy Tasmanian bettong.  These three marsupial species have made their last stand Tasmania and, sadly, other marsupials are at risk of joining that list.

Australia has the highest number of mammal extinctions in the past 200 years and at Bonorong we are determined to ensure these animals do not join that list.  As well as these animals you will see everything from possums to potoroos, emus to echidnas, the agile spotted-tailed quoll and orphaned wombats.  The focus is our wonderful natives.

All our animals are here for a reason and our number one aim is to see them back in the bush and to prevent them arriving at our door in the first place.  Come and learn how you can help! Read our wildlife rescue page to find out how you can be involved in caring for these animals, maybe even becoming a wildlife rescuer or carer yourself.

Robert's Perform Talent

We co-ordinate emcees, actors, singers, musicians, comedians, directors, writers - with quality entertainment at corporate and community events, functions, weddings, parties., schools.

Marketing and promotion services to the City and Tourism-set of Hobart. Flyer and poster hand distribution to students  tourists, cafes, businesses and letter boxing. Mentions on this website, Facebook-public, information centres, newsletters, venues, media outlets. Our network is seeking the latest news of events, things to do, sites to visit. 

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As a matter of general interest some of my most enjoyable: theatre, film, choral and commercial work experiences in Tasmania, include: Cats!, Oliver!, Death Or Liberty, Oragutang Boy, Elevator Repair Service, Sorell On Stage, Spring Bay Theatre Co, All's Well That Ends Well, Southern Gospel Choir, Choir of High Hopes, Spring Bay and Friends Singers, Festival Of Voices, Ten Days, Generations Ensemble Theatre, The Dame, Hamley Productions, Blooming Tasmania, small business consultancy and research. Nationally: Kompass Australia Business Directory as top sales and research officer for 25 years, retail and wholesale management. Sydney Street Choir and links to Choir of Hard Knocks. Email us at or complete the following form: